How to conveniently play Chess via mail correspondence.

So your friend or family member does not have access to, simply can't or doesn't want to use the Internet.
Here is how to conveniently play Chess via mail correspondence.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the page: Mail Chess Editor (
  2. A) When starting a new game make the first move by dragging & dropping a piece on the chess board, on  the 'Mail Chess Editor' page (see link above)
    B) To resume a game, use the 'Paste PNG' button (pasting a PNG, Portable Game Notation, string from an earlier step 5)
  3.  Make the correspondent's move (given the game is in progress)
  4.  Make your move.
  5.  Use the 'Copy PNG' button to copy the PNG move history notation and paste it into a local file; to be used again at a later date, in step 2.
  6.  With Microsoft's 'Snipping tool'  or other screen capture tool ...
    capture the minimum area including the chess board image along with the move list.  Note that the 'Snipping tool' will automatically put the captured image in the system clip-board
  7. Then paste this over a previous image in your correspondence .doc file. First select an old image then paste-replace it. This will cause the new image to be sized and positioned as the old was. [Download doc file for use]
  8. Its recommended that you repeat step 1-8 for a second game (you playing the opposite color)
  9. Print out two copies of the document. One copy you write your personal message to them on. The other they use to write you back, along with their indicated move(s).
First time ... Print this page and refer to it as you go through the steps.
Coming soon ... a pictorial step-by-step of the process.
Now, instead of using the native [Copy PGN] & [Paste PGN] buttons; You can keep the Portable Game Notation data (via newly added buttons) on this server, to be accessable for use from anywhere.

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