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Netflix's simple, quick, commercial-free way to estimate the speed your ISP is providing

Browser performance tests:
    Octane 2.0     JetStream2     Peacekeeper
    Web Graphics Benchmarks: ( Do tests in Chrome sized to 1920x1080)
    BrowserMarks     MotionMark     HTML5 3D BMark
    Aquaman trailer [4K/60FPS] (turn on Nerd Stats)
    Big Buck Bunny [9:16 4K/60FPS] (turn on Nerd Stats)

    Streaming test

webGL / Flash-11 / Unity ... test-Demos

Teach me to Fly     Flight Simulator

WebGL demos with F.P.S. Frames Per Second ...
Aquarium     Blobs     Reflections     Madalin Stunt Cars-2

Browser based Games:   HTML5     WebGL     Unity     Unity-3D
    Retro Video Games:
    Favority Games:   Wheeldle (Wordly clone)

Streaming sources:   Tablo local Over-The-Air TV     Broadcast TV schedule   ABC   CBS   NBC   FOX   PBS
    Pluto TV    Stirr TV     Netflix     Prime Video     Peacock TV     Haystack News    ABC News     NBC News
    Find or Preview a Movie:   IMDb     JustWatch     Movieo

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Don't let the sound of your own wheels, drive you crazy !  

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